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Glamour in your Lens
Glamour in your Lens

"A Commonsense Guide to Attractive Photography"

by James Macgregor

published by Focal Press, LTD, London 1958

Peter Gowland's Figure Photography
Peter Gowland's Figure Photography

edited by George Tilton

copyright 1954 by
Fawcett Publications
67 West 44th Street
New York 36, New York

Bernard of Hollywood Pin-Ups

copyright 1999 by
Bernard of Hollywood Publishing
273 S. Windsor Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90004

printed by Evergreen,
an imprint of Taschen Verlag GmbH

first published in 1950 by
Bernard of Hollywood Publishing Co. as
Pin-Ups - a Step Beyond

Beauty and the Camera
Beauty and the Camera

Copyright 1957 by
Whitestone Publications, Inc.
1100 West Broadway
Louisville, Ky